Todd & Eva Caudle

We are so blessed to know Jesus, and praise Him for all He has done in leading our life and family.  We never could have imagined when we were first married what the Lord had in store for us.  He has brought us from serving in Canada, to Alaska, and now back to Canada.  Serving others and seeing souls saved is something we never tire of, and we pray to not just start well, but finish well as we run the race He has given us.
For more information about the Caudle family and their ministry, visit


Todd: September 13th
Eva: December 13th
Abby: October 13th


June 29th

Sending Church

Berean Baptist Church
71 Celina Street
Oshawa, ON L1H 4N1
Pastor Peter Berry

Field Address:

3340 Northdale Dr.
Cornwall, ON K6K 0A5

Field Phone:
(613) 713-0850

Most Recent Prayer Letters


Oct-Dec 2017 Caudle Prayer Letter

Jul-Sep 2018 Caudle Prayer Letter




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