Chris and Carole Ann Shull

Chris and Carole Ann Shull joined Points North in 2001 as missionaries to Greenland. They moved to Iceland in June, 2005 because Greenland was a closed country. Their plan was to live in Iceland for seven years to gain their Nordic citizenship which would enable them to move to Greenland. However, God had other plans. Less than two years in Iceland, God miraculously opened the door to Greenland and the Shulls moved there in April of 2007 as the first and only Baptist missionaries in the country. They now have Permanent Residency as well as the authority by the Danish/Greenlandic Government to invite other missionaries into the country. They and their five children are looking forward to co-laborers arriving in Greenland in July 2018. With God All Things Are Possible! You can follow the Shull Family at


Chris – 01/18
Carole Ann – 12/29
Christopher Jr. – 07/30/2001
Anna Grace – 02/18/2003
Emilia Faith – 11/18/2005
Jonathan – 05/24/2007
Matti Joy – 03/15/2011

Sending Church:

Pleasantville Baptist Church
162 Christianna Rd #B
New Castle, DE 19270


Field Address:

Postboks 636
3952 Ilulissat

Prayer Letters:



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