About PNBM

Points North Baptist Mission began over 21 years ago, when God called brother Forney to the Arctic regions of the North. Very few people are even aware of the Arctic as a mission field, considering it to be a desolate and barren place. Brother Forney believes that if the awareness level among Christians could be raised, surely others would join the effort to reach Northerners with the Gospel.

Gary and Barbara Forney were saved in the fall of 1964. Three and one half years later Gary graduated from the Bible institute that was a ministry of his local church. Gary immediately moved his small family to New Philadelphia, Ohio, where God used him to found the Calvary Baptist Church. He remained in this pastorate for six years, bringing the work to full support and constructing a new building.

After a short term as associate pastor in Florida, God then called the Forneys to the mission field of Arctic Canada. For over twenty-one years Brother and Sister Forney have faithfully served God in this difficult area. The Lord has blessed his ministry with many souls being saved. Christians have been discipled and churches have been established.
Given the immensity of the circumpolar region and the fact that no existing mission agency specializes in Arctic ministry, Brother Forney felt God would have him share his area of experience with young servants who may feel that God would use them for His glory in the North.

If you believe that you or someone you know is being led into an Arctic ministry, or if you would like to support a missionary to some Arctic country, contact Brother Forney. Gary wants to be a wise steward and use well the talents and knowledge God has given him. If, as a pastor, you would like to have your people exposed to the Arctic, contact Points North Baptist Mission.