Points North Baptist Mission began over 21 years ago, when God called brother Forney to the Arctic regions of the North. Very few people are even aware of the Arctic as a mission field, considering it to be a desolate and barren place. Brother Forney believes that if the awareness level among Christians could be raised, surely others would join the effort to reach Northerners with the Gospel.

Points North Baptist Mission became a ministry of Harvesters Baptist Church in the summer of 2016. Pastor Doug Wood and Brother Gary Forney both have strong convictions of the ministry being run by the local church. Pastor Wood serves as the missions pastor and is glad to answer any questions you may have.

If you believe that you or someone you know is being led into an Arctic ministry, or if you would like to support a missionary to some Arctic country, contact Pastor Wood. If, as a pastor, you would like to have your people exposed to the Arctic, contact Points North Baptist Mission.