Chris and Carole Ann Shull

Chris and Carole Ann Shull joined Points North in 2001 as missionaries to Greenland. They moved to Iceland in June, 2005 because Greenland was a closed country. Their plan was to live in Iceland for seven years to gain their Nordic citizenship which would enable them to move to Greenland. However, God had other plans….

JR (James) & Cheryl Wright

JR and Cheryl Wright joined Points North Baptist Mission in November 2015. They are currently scheduled to leave for Greenland July 2018. Birthdays: J.R. – September 27th Cheryl – August 21st Timothy – November 10, 1997 Katelynn – June 7, 1999 Nathaniel – January 8, 2002 Jaydon – August 7, 2003 Sarah – June 8,…